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The ZX Spectrum was the first computer I ever owned back in 1982. Relive all those wonderful memories at Planet Sinclair and Planet Sinclair II. These comprehensive sites are the leading online repository of resources and information devoted to the Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL and Z88. Pure unashamed nostalgia, very nicely done. Where are you Sir Clive when we need you...?

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Do you yearn to see again some of that old classic software of yesteryear, but your trusty old Spectrum has long since shuffled off its mortal coil? Well, help is at hand... The Sinclair community on the net is a massive and thriving one and a great amount of time has been taken in developing high quality emulators for just about every type of modern computer, which transform even the most powerful of today's machines into a Spectrum in mere seconds! There's something deeply perverse about fooling a few thousand pounds worth of top-line hardware into thinking it's a somewhat more humble affair (to say the least) with an horrendous rubber membrane keyboard and an insipid beeper, but it has to be done...

With an emulator, your machine will, to all intents and purposes, be a Spectrum; it will behave exactly the same and run all the software identically to how the real thing used to. The only thing you won't quite be able to do is replicate that unique feeling of frustration you always had after spending ten minutes loading in a game from your cassette deck only for it to crash immediately when you try to run it...

But what about the software? There are many, many hundreds of FTP sites, Web pages and other Spectrum-related resources that will provide you with downloadable "snapshots" (files readable by the emulators) of all that great software of your misspent youth. The hugely impressive Sinclair Software Database II is also well worth a visit; it will help jog your memory as to what you're looking for and thoroughly entertain you into the bargain with its plethora of facts, trivia and information, all searchable through a powerful category-based interface.

If you don't want to use a Spectrum emulator or snapshots, much of the original software has been rewritten to run on modern computers, usually to excellent effect. Purists should be reassured that in almost all cases these remakes are very much in keeping with the spirit of the original versions though! The RetroSpec Web site is home to the leading-edge conversion development team of the same name, which specialises in bringing all that classic Spectrum software of yesteryear back to life on most of today's hardware platforms.

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